Twitter was amongst the early ones to release a night mode for its app. However, even though it's been around since 2016, the interface uses shades of midnight blue rather than black, which might be easier on the eye but doesn't help save as much battery as turning the pixels off on AMOLED screens. The social media giant is now addressing this by rolling out a new "Lights out" option that lets you switch to true-black tones that not only look darker but also reduce power consumption on AMOLED panels.

You can choose between using the old "dimmed" scheme or the new darker one, depending on your preference. There's also an option to activate night mode only after sunset to make it less aggressive for your eyes while you're reading in the evening.

To try out the new feature, you'll need to activate it manually by tapping your profile picture, heading into Settings -> Night Mode and toggling "Lights out." It's officially rolling out today, but we haven't seen it in the latest stable and alpha versions (7.90 alpha 68), so you may want to be patient before you can enjoy this new interface.

Twitter told Engadget the "Lights out" mode will roll out to Android users "soon", without mentioning a specific date. It always infuriates me when a company releases a feature on one platform before the other, but at least we know it's coming up...

Twitter VP of design and research, Dantley Davis, says the lights-out mode has been delayed a bit and the team is working on polishing the experience.

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