A few months ago, Spotify announced some new features for its Premium Family plan that would be tested with users in Ireland for a short time before being made available to more users in the fall. The Family Mix playlist and parental controls that will make the Family plan far more appealing are now rolling out to users in the US as part of a wider rollout.

Family Mix is the headline addition — essentially a playlist that combines the listening styles of family members for a playlist of previously heard and recommended tracks. You can choose who is included in the playlist, which will be handy for anyone who's got a kid with a horrendous music taste that they'd rather exclude. This won't affect any user's individual account recommendations or playlists.

Some users may be familiar with Family Mix as it was previously tested with the name Home Mix, and it's similar to the playlist that accompanied the Duo plans for couples. The other big new feature is the new parental control toggle for each family member that will allow or prohibit them from listening to music or podcasts with explicit content. Such items will still be visible to your children, but it will be greyed out and unplayable.

The new features come at no extra cost to Premium Family subscribers, and they're likely rolling out in the US first ahead of coming to other regions shortly.