Google Photos isn't just resting on its laurels today by making 4x6" prints available within the same day at your local pharmacy or big box store — the cloud storage service is amping up its own boutique print offerings and using artificial intelligence to help you stroll through the tons of memories you've backed up.

If you hop into the Google Photos app starting today, you may find that your gallery has a new scrollable header called "Memories." The company describes them as the stories format you've seen in social media, but using only the pictures and videos you've uploaded to your account and meant only for you (and whoever you allow) to see.

You can tap an icon to start looking through a collection and swipe or tap to progress through. Each Stories collection is only available for a short time and new ones will cycle through occasionally. If you'd prefer to not see certain people or pets in your Memories or clips from a certain period of time, you can adjust those parameters in a new Memories section of the Google Photos app's settings.

The app is also becoming somewhat of a messaging app in and of itself by letting people share pictures privately in a chat thread. Direct Sharing, as it is being called, is expected to roll out in the coming months.

Come across something you'd like to see not just in a physical album or a photo book? Google Photos is able to print it out for you with its new Canvas offerings n the U.S. You can select from 8x8", 11x14", or 16x20" sizes for $19.99, $29.99, or $44.99, respectively. The margins measure 1.5" thick and can be wrapped with the edges of the photo or be painted black or white. Shipping will cost extra depending on desired size and speed, ranging between $5.99 for delivery by the 10th business day and $24.99 for the largest print delivered as early as 4 business days.

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