If you're using Google Maps to find hired professionals, you might notice that they have fewer ratings than the restaurants or businesses you usually visit. This makes sense – handymen come to you, and you might not even know or care where exactly their business is based. To combat this, the latest Google Maps beta has started asking users to rate hired professionals that may have worked for them.

Just like other business rating prompts, you can find these in Google Map's hamburger menu, nestled under "Your contributions." The service bases its suggestions on Google searches for maintenance workers, as well as phone calls placed through Maps. After enough time passes, Maps likely assumes that either of these actions resulted in a business relationship. Like similar review prompts, these review suggestions are accompanied by additional justifications like "You called this business 2 months ago" or "You visited their website 2 months ago."

Other than the personalized suggestions, you can also access a collection of "Popular categories near you," consisting of movers, plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians, cleaners, and more. Tapping any of these will allow you to see a selection of companies offering the corresponding services. If you can't find your contractor, you can even create a new business entry for them, though that's still accompanied by a beta tag.

The feature is available in the latest beta version of Google Maps, 10.25.1, which you can download from APK Mirror or access by signing up for it on the Play Store. Keep in mind that there's no guarantee beta software will be completely free of issues.

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