Google took the unusual step of confirming the existence of its upcoming Pixel phone this year, but we don't expect the full Pixel 4 unveiling for another month. That hasn't stopped some people in Southeast Asia from getting their hands on the phone. We have no idea what they're saying, but you get a good look at the phone in these videos.

First up, there's a full review from Vietnamese channel AnhEm TV. It includes plenty of footage of the phone (in 4K) and words we don't understand. Feel free to chime in below if you speak Vietnamese. Some interesting shots appear at 3:52 (a Nest-like Ambient EQ and screen attention setting), 4:07 (Smooth Display), and 4:44 (specs).

Next, we've got Rabbit TV from Thailand. This video is more informal and discussion-based, so you don't see the phone as closely. However, they do have all three colors, including the lovely coral color. Again, we do not speak this language, so let us know if they say anything useful.

Last year, some Pixel 3 XL units "fell off a truck" in Russia, which led to a ton of leaks. There haven't been as many this year, but Google did move production to Vietnam from China. The new round of leaks from that part of the world suggests production may be underway, and some factory workers have "borrowed" units. We expect the Pixel 4 and 4 XL to be announced in October.