Ever since Android 10's first betas, we started noticing bits of information pop up at the top of the general settings section. We've seen them for everything, from available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices to notification channels, customizable styles and themes, and more. A new suggestion is making its way to that area and, this time, it's for the Play Store.

Some users have been seeing a card at the top of Settings asking if they want to enable Play Store slices to show up there. A pop-up then explains that these slices are actionable and can read from or send information to the Play Store. You can either allow this for the Store or for all apps. I suggest you act cautiously and start with the Store for now.

If you're worried about Play Store ads and games polluting your settings, it doesn't seem like that's what this will be used for. The first slice we spotted is for freeing up storage — the same suggestion that pops up in the Store's My apps & games section when you device is low on storage. If that's all there is to it, this could be helpful and innocuous.

As far as I can tell, this is the first time we've spotted a proper slice in Android ever since the functionality was announced more than a year ago with Pie. We've been looking for them everywhere, and I guess it's safe to say the first example is a little underwhelming.

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