One of the most ubiquitous cheap tech gifts in the past couple of years has to have been the Google Home Mini — if you caught it on sale for as low as $20, you could take care of all your family for Christmas. Recently, intelligence has been developing on a new version of this stout smart speaker — to be known as the "Nest Mini" — and we're now looking at an FCC filing that might tell us more about it.

The commission's Office of Engineering and Technology published Google's papers for an "interactive media streaming device" yesterday. From the outset, we do know that this device supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, detailed internal and external photos have been placed under confidentiality, preventing us from getting a fuller idea of what this thing will look like.

On the other hand, products emitting transmissions on FCC-regulated frequencies must indicate their assigned ID string as well as where to find that information on or within the product. That means we get this simple diagram of what we presume is the Nest Mini's bottom side, suggesting that the speaker will keep the Google Home Mini's overall shape.

We see two circular ports on the edge: one will presumably contain the power port while the other may see a 3.5mm headphone jack as indicated by a source last month. Other items of note are the setup code at the bottom of the pad — Nest cameras use setup codes as well — and a rather unique cut-out which suggests some kind of keyhole or button placement. It could also be a handy space to hand the speaker to a nail on the wall, a feature rumored to come native to the Nest Mini. We may or may not see the displacement of the hard reset button from the Google Home Mini.

There's only so much we can make out from shapes and text on a picture, so we'll be looking forward to more pictures of this thing coming soon.