Accessories makers tend to come onto Amazon with their Deals of the Day as if it were a carousel. This day, it's Aukey's turn and we're tracking a dozen products on sale for at least 20% off. From keyboards to Bluetooth earbuds to speakers and chargers (a load of chargers), we've got them parsed down for your participation and consumption. You just need to act before midnight PDT tonight.

We'll be honest and say that the section for wall warts is quite busy, noisy, and confusing. A couple of our picks are the Qi Wireless Charger Stand for up to 10W of power for your select Samsung phone or iPhone and a USB-C + USB-A wall charger with up to 56.5W total output which, believe it or not, is touted to be Power Delivery-compliant.

Here are all the charger deets and links:

  • 46W USB-C + 10.5W USB-A wall charger: $23 ($12 off)
  • 18/30W USB-C + 12W USB-A wall charger: $21 ($6 off)
  • 10W Qi Wireless Charger Stand: $18 ($12 off)
  • Large 27W USB-C wall charger: $18 ($8 off)
  • Large 18W USB+C / USB-A wall charger: $13 ($6 off)
  • Small 18W USB-C wall charger: $12 in black or white ($8 off)

We've also got two portable Bluetooth speakers, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and two rainbow backlit keyboards here:

  • Eclipse 20W speaker with 12-hour battery: $36 ($14 off)
  • Metallic 16W speaker with 10-hour battery: $29 ($11 off)
  • Bluetooth 5 Wireless earbuds IPX6 rated: $42 ($18 off)
  • Aluminum LED backlit keyboard: $42 ($23 off)
  • LED backlit keyboard with metal panel: $32 ($8 off)

Once again, these deals are up through midnight PDT. Want to take a look at all of them from afar? Hit the link below.