There's a reason Google Chrome is the most ubiquitous browser out there. Among other things, it works seamlessly across all of your devices, syncing tabs in the background. But sometimes, it's just tedious to find that one tab you wanted to share from your phone to your desktop among the myriad open tabs. That's where a new feature in Chrome's developer preview Canary version 75 comes in handy: Send tab to self.

Once you enable "send tab to self" in chrome://flags/, you can happily send open tabs from one of your Canary-equipped devices to another. On the desktop, you right-click the tab you want to send and select "Send to My Devices," while on Android, you need to dive into the share menu and select "Send to my devices" there (Yes, the capitalization is different. It's not a finished feature). Your device on the receiving end gets a notification through which you can open the shared tab. That's all there is to it. Magic!

Android to Desktop tab sharing workflow

I tested this with MacOS and Android 9 Pie, but it's safe to assume that it'll work with other platforms as well. Previously, sharing tabs didn't function at all, so Google probably flipped a switch somewhere in the backend.

While the feature first surfaced in March, it's showing up in stable Chrome 76 for more and more people without requiring a flag. There are two ways to check if it's available to you already: You can either right-click a tab and see if you can find a "Send to Your Devices" entry in the menu, or you can highlight the link in the address bar. That should make a new icon depicting a laptop and a phone appear in the right of the box. When you click it, you can choose where to share the URL to.

On Android, nothing has changed compared to the workflow in Canary: You still need to head to the share menu to send a tab to other devices.

Apparently, if you have the send tab to self flag enabled, you have to revert back to the standard state. The option only appeared on one of my devices after I reset it. As our friends over at How-To Geek found out, this might be related to a total of five flags that probably need to work interdependently to make send tab to self function. You can find all of them in one spot if you search for "send tab to self" in chrome://flags. If the feature isn't available to you yet, activating these might help.

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