The spirit of DJ Roomba lives on in 2019. Although this one might not swear, enterprising developer Eddie Zhang has found a way to install an open-source Spotify client on his first-gen Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the slightly garbage built-in speaker, an off-brand DJ Roomba 2.0 was born.

The dulcet tones of DJ Roomba 2.0.

The video (first spotted by XDA) covers a brief walkthrough by Zhang detailing his modifications before an exhibition of his vacuum cleaner's new feature. In this case, the vacuum cleaner didn't need to be gutted to pick up Spotify support, it still retains its original functionality. That might make it a better vacuum, but it's a bit hard to hear the music while it's running.

Zhang also put together a walkthrough for others looking to do the same. While the steps might seem complicated, the results are clearly worth it.

The ghost of DJ Roomba can finally rest.