Android 10 brought a handy feature that displays a media progress bar directly in the notification bar, which various apps can benefit from. Unfortunately, Spotify didn't  implement this feature fully, as it didn’t initially allow users to interact with the progress bar. However, the company fixed it, as the bar is now seekable, letting you jump to your favorite part directly from your notifications.

Left: Before, no scrubber. Right: Now, with scrubber

As you can see on the first screenshot above the progress bar would only fill as the song played but there was no way to tap or scroll it to jump to a specific time. However Spotify quickly fixed this to make it seekable and t’s now possible to drag and drop the dot to skip part of the song or listen to the chorus one more time.

Even though the functionality wasn’t initially available, the company was very responsive in implementing it. Several users have confirmed seeing the scrubber progress bar and we’ve been able to use it in Beta version