We didn't think you'd be getting the best deals on a Galaxy Note10 or Note10+ from Microsoft in the first place, so to report that Samsung's newest mainstream, stylus-equipped phablets are on sale in the United States from Microsoft on eBay doubly confounds us. And yet, because we don't look at gift horses in their mouths, here we are.

The critical discourse has been mixed on these Notes. On one hand, it seems that the Note10 gives up too much against the Note10+ to be the best premium Android handset you can get at that price. On the other hand, that Note10+ has plenty of room to grow into with up to a terabyte of native storage, a bigger battery with the fastest charging possible, more cameras than ever (at least in Samsung terms), and the the most vibrant display on a smartphone that money can buy. Check out our Note10+ review if you really want to know more.

So, did you know that Microsoft apparently not only has a presence on massive online marketplace eBay, but a U.S. outlet store on said massive online marketplace? Well, I didn't until today. And if it isn't Microsoft running the shop itself, the people that are have been getting thousands of 5-star reviews, so they have to be at least somewhat trustworthy, right?

In any case, we already know that Microsoft has been selling Galaxy S and Note series devices on its own storefront — promoting Microsoft apps along the way — typically at MSRP and such is the case currently for the Note10 and Note10+. But on its eBay outlet store, you can get the base model Galaxy Note10 with 256GB of storage for $800, some $150 off. Rather a Galaxy Note10+? Get one with 256GB of storage for $920, a savings of $180.

From what we're able to tell, these are new units in black, come under U.S. warranty, and are unlocked for use with domestic GSM networks.