If you've bought any Chromebook in recent times, you've probably redeemed your 100GB Drive storage perk, but Google offers more freebies from time to time, and it's a shame not to pick them up.

Head over to google.com/chromebook/offers and you should see the offers available in your region. The best ones appear to be limited to the US, as always. Currently, US users can get three Android apps for free, all geared toward note-taking and drawing: Noteshelf ($9.99), INKredible Pro ($7.99), and Concepts' Essentials IAP ($9.99). The apps should work both on your Chromebook and Android devices, so that's like a bonus perk. Plus, there doesn't seem to be a limit on when you bought your Chromebook to be able to redeem the freebie, so older devices should qualify too, technically.

Whether you're a creative type, a college student, or you need a note-taking app for your job or life, this seems like a good way to get a few options for free. I've tested INKredible on my Android tablet and was impressed by all the features and functions, so I'd definitely recommend you check that out. The others seem good too.

There's a caveat

Even though the offers page doesn't mention any time limit for how recent a purchase can be in order to qualify, the Chromebook Support page does say, "You must redeem your offers within 180 days after the first account was added to your Chromebook. If you don’t claim the offers within this time limit, they expire."

This should explain why many of us couldn't redeem the offers, as our units are probably older than six months. If you have a new device and you can't redeem these freebies, please let us know, so we can reach out to Google and check if there's an issue on its side.

Seems to be working again

When we posted this article, redeeming any app offer wasn't working for all users, regardless of their country or the recency of their Chromebook purchase. Now, Google has updated the offers page and seems to have fixed the issue as well.

The new page only lists offers for Google Drive and Noteshelf in the US (for now), but redeeming the latter does works. One tipster confirmed that the code applied properly for him on the Play Store, and we were able to independently verify that as well. Keep in mind though that it's better to redeem using the Play Store app on your Chromebook and not the website, as the latter loops indefinitely between login and redeem pages when trying to apply a code. Thanks Ananya Gupta.

Two new offers

Two more offers are now available for new Chromebook owners. One of them is for the $6 Premium in-app purchase of Squid, a note-taking and PDF markup app. The other covers a $60 lifetime subscription to Enlight Pixaloop, an app that lets you animate static objects in your photos, like clouds or water, to create a lively moving effect.