During IFA 2019 in Berlin, Huawei didn't only launch brand new products and devices such as the Kirin 990 5G chipset; it also introduced a new take on its successful zoom camera phone, the P30 Pro. Along with a redesigned back that now sports a two-tone matte and mirrored glass design, the device is also Huawei's first to feature Android 10. However, this re-release doesn't have anything to do with the impending US trade ban. Instead, Huawei tells us that it had planned the new color options for quite some time.

Apart from the exterior and the new Android version, nothing has changed compared to the original P30 Pro. It still has the same Kirin 980 processor inside and its periscope camera is still capable of zooming further than most of the competition. The re-release is something of a reassurance that despite recent political issues, the company is still committed to Android. Huawei has already released an overview of currently released phones that are supposed to receive Android 10 later this year, with the original P30 Pro slated for October or November at the latest.

There's also another more mundane reason for these new models. Huawei was surprised by the overwhelming success of the more colorful variants of the P30, which is why it has decided to introduce two more options. Early feedback suggested that the P30 Pro was quite slippery and, as evidenced by the Pixel 3's back, etched glass can help with that.

The original P30 Pro had the same glass finish all over.

In contrast to its existing devices, Huawei's upcoming phones face a testing future. The Mate 30 Pro and folding Mate X are all but confirmed to come without Google apps. Selling phones in the west without those apps is a pretty tall order, something Amazon can attest to, although that may not have been the only issue with the Fire Phone. The new P30 Pro color options with Android 10 will be available later this month, outside the US of course.

Press Release

HUAWEI P30 Series Redefines Smartphone Aesthetics with Trend-Setting Designs and Colors
New device actualizes a marriage of exquisite form with unparalleled function

[6.9.2019 Berlin, Germany] Today at IFA, Huawei launched The New P30 Pro, once again redefining the boundaries of smartphone aesthetics. Continuing the P series’ graceful design and innovative image technology, The New P30 Pro boasts fashionable enhancements in color design and improved photographic and video editing functions. The New P30 Pro will be available globally since September 7, upgraded device is also support EMUI10, opening the gates for all scenario AI life.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, said, “HUAWEI P30 series has remained a consumer favorite for the past six months with sales exceeding 16.5 million units. This figure is 53% higher than that of the P20 series. The New P30 Pro will deliver a new photographic experience to the user and create a richer, and more exciting consumer experience with its pleasing color scheme and dual texture design.

All New Aesthetic Design: Discovering New Possibilities with a Unique Perspective

Inspired by nature, The New P30 Pro’s brings consumers two new color schemes to choose from. With a deep, Mystic Blue reminiscent of the sky reflecting the sea, and Misty Lavender akin to a beach under the sunset, The New P30 Pro discovers new possibilities and gives mobile aesthetics a surprising and elegant new look.

The New P30 Pro achieves a smooth transition between the glossy and matte finish by using the two textures to form a layered collision and an intense visual effect that solves the problems presented by a large glass back panel.

Until now, beauty and practicality have always appeared incompatible, but The New P30 Pro actualizes a perfect union of aesthetics and utility. The camera lens area is designed with a high-gloss surface, while the handheld area is matte to avoid fingerprints.

Become a Professional Photographer Creating Masterpiece with Ease

A new super night selfie function has been added to the night view mode, to brighten and beautify faces at night - making the cheeks look more natural and contouring more three dimensional. At the same time, it lowers brightness of the light source in the background, and improves the detail of the dark area, without overexposing the background highlight to achieve a natural, three-dimensional, refined selfie at night and better night shots in portrait mode.

Whether you are shooting or editing, AI makes video creation simple and exciting. The all new upgraded HUAWEI Vlog AI editing function supports a manual self-creation function that lets you create music videos from photos and videos in your gallery with just one click. Once the video is automatically generated, you can customize it further with your favorite music, filters, effects and movie scales and even add more clips.

The super portrait mode brings a professional aperture blur effect, making the main character to standout in the background while showing excellent layering, expressiveness and artistic beauty. The ToF lens, with it’s precise depth perception capability works with an AI algorithm to achieve hair strand-levels of detail and natural simplification. The nuances stand out from the folds of clothes to the contours of the face to make anyone in the portrait stand out from the soft and smooth background.

Huawei is committed to providing consumers with the ultimate photography experience and highest image quality, pushing the boundary and creating new photography capability for the future. Thanks to the HUAWEI P30 Pro’s breakthrough in photographic and zoom capabilities, people are no longer limited by camera technology. They can enjoy the fun of photography and discover the world’s beauty all while taking professional level photos. The Huawei New Image Contest has been held since 2017 and its scale and influence have grown yearly as it enables more and more people to use their mobile phones to record their lives, express themselves and tell stories.

Deliver an EMUI10 Experience Enabling an AI Life

HUAWEI P30 Series users around the globe will take the lead in upgrading to the all-new EMUI10 operating system. By employing distributed technology, EMUI10 can offer users a more refined all-scenario smart experience. Designed on the basis of human factor research EMUI10 aims to create a first-class experience.

The magazine style design leaves a great deal of space to bring about a more transparent and open feeling. Additionally, the large font grid creates a more concentrated visual focus in in order to remove complexity and make the display more accurate. This extends to the aesthetic design of the settings, calendar, contact list and other interfaces to enhance the user’s visual experience.

EMUI10 is inspired by the Morandi gradient from Italy. The warm and gentle texture is paired with subtle ambiguity for a perfectly balanced look.

In dark mode, soft light protects your eyes from glare without a simple color reversal. Huawei conducted tests on user reading efficiency to create the most comfortable background color contrast, character contrast and spatial contrast for dark mode. Based on customer research, everything from the background padding to the text icons has been created to offer a more comfortable and immersive reading experience.

Exploring the laws of nature, EMUI10 looks to the core principles of dynamic design for the visually pleasing curved trajectory and spring back effect. The addition of flexible touch, curved movement and comfortable transitions allows users to enjoy an all around smooth visual and haptic experience.

EMUI10 also brings an upgraded wireless display system- “multi-screen collaboration”, which breaks the boundaries between Windows and Android from the system level. This makes seamless collaboration between PC and mobile phones a reality with multi-screen interaction, drag and drop between devices. One can now make full use of a large notebook screen and peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard.

A Popular Flagship Device Setting Record Growth

In 2010, Huawei sold 3 million mobile phones. After 8 years, this number has increased by 68 fold. In the first half of 2019, Huawei's smartphone shipments (including Honor) reached 118 million units, a year-on-year increase of 24%. According to IDC data, in the second quarter of 2019, Huawei's smartphone shipments (including Huawei) ranked second in the world and first in the Chinese market.

As a perfect blend of technology and art, the HUAWEI P30 Series has exceeded 10 million units in the first 85 days, setting a record for Huawei’s flagship device shipments. It has been loved and praised by many authoritative organizations around the world including the European Imagine Association (EISA). Huawei also received the “Best Smartphone of the Year 2019-2020” award, marking the second time the company has won the top prize in the association’s smartphone awards.