September 9 is here and as expected, Google's new Nest Hub Max is launching today in the US, UK, and Australia. It's been a few months since the Hub Max accidentally leaked and then was officially announced, but the wait is now over. The Max is already available for purchase on Best Buy and the Google Store, with a few other sites listing it but not yet taking orders.

A larger and more powerful sibling to the first Nest Hub (a.k.a. Google Home Hub), the Hub Max has a 10" HD display with the same ambient EQ that adjusts brightness and color to avoid blinding you at night or in dim situations. It also sports a front-facing camera for Duo video calls, Nest security, and personalized interactions. The cam will track you around as you move during video calls to make sure the other person always sees you. It uses Face Match to serve you customized content and start your "Good morning" routine, as well as Quick Gestures to let you pause playback by simply raising your hand.

Besides these additional smarts, this is still a smart display with Google Assistant and a powerful speaker setup. General questions, smart home controls, music and video playback, Google Photos photo albums, step-by-step recipes, and Assistant actions are all accessible on it. You can use it as a Cast recipient too to play audio and video from your phone.

The Nest Hub Max is launching in both Chalk (white) and Charcoal (dark grey) colors for the price of $229 in the US, £219 in the UK, and $349 AUD in Australia. You can grab it at these links in the US: