Given the sheer amount of cars that now support Android Auto, you might be surprised to learn that the in-car software isn't actually supported everywhere. Today there are 40 countries that Android Auto is officially available in, with four of those added today and four added late last year.

These are the four new countries added today:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Sweden

The four countries that were added in October of last year were Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, and Taiwan. None were added since then until today, which is a bit disheartening to see. Nonetheless, hopefully at least a few of you in Scandinavia (aside from Norway) will be happy to see this. For what it's worth, Android Auto Wireless is still exclusive to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Unfortunately, as many of you in the comments have pointed out, the four new countries have been removed from the list. We're assuming someone at Google pulled the trigger too early, but you Scandinavians should be getting Android Auto at some point in the near future.

While Google has yet to formally reinstate those nations in its Android Auto availability list, we've received word that access is nonetheless rolling out, with it already confirmed in Finland.

The four countries are back on Google's Android Auto availability list, joined by Norway now, which was notably missing earlier. Rollout had already started in a few of these nations, so we know the news is correct, even if Google keeps flip-flopping on it. Thanks, Malthe Høj-Sunesen!

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