Having to be put on hold while calling a business is annoying, and having to listen to barely-recognizable music for an extended period of time while you wait a human to become available only makes it worse. Google already teased that a next-generation Assistant would be coming to future Pixel devices, and now we know one more trick it might have taking over call holds.

A source told 9to5Google that a software features is in development for the Pixel 4, which will allow Google Assistant to listen to a call hold and let you know when it ends. In other words, you'd be able to do other tasks on your phone without listening to the hold music, and you would receive some kind of alert when Assistant recognizes a human is on the line.

The source said the feature (allegedly called 'Hold my Phone') is still in early development, and it seems likely that it will arrive in a post-launch update for the Pixel 4. I hope this eventually reaches other devices, much like Call Screen (slowly) has, but it's far too early to tell.