Android Police has grown a lot in the nine-plus years I've been here, and this year will mark a decade the site itself has been around. It's hard to believe where we are now compared to then, having since launched APK Mirror, completely redesigned the site, and introduced a number of new faces on the team. People I hired years ago - like Corbin, Ryne, Scott, and Richard - are still "the new guys" in my mind, even though they're all people I've come to trust intrinsically to do the work we rely on here every day. And that work isn't shrinking - it's growing, a lot.

Increasingly, we find ourselves with far more to do than we can actually budget the time to get done. Much of our team is working hard on long-form content like reviews, guides, and deeper research pieces that take hours over the course of days or sometimes weeks to complete. And while breaking the important Google and Android news you've come to expect from us is still a massive part of what we do here, we'd like to be able to do that job even better. And that's why we're looking to fill several new positions on the team.

Android Police used to be more focused on news in the past than it is today, and while we do post plenty of content, we feel we're missing those people who can find the stories everyone else is missing, and grab the breaking news items - big and small - interpret and analyze them, and get them out to you to read in a timely manner. It's not an easy job, and it's not one that we expect to receive many well-qualified applicants for.

The jobs

Deputy News Editor: This is a full time salaried position on the editorial staff. Stephen Schenck heads up the news team here at AP, and we're looking to get him some help on the ground, finding stories, tackling the news that requires the extra effort to get across the line, and coming up with compelling, original reporting to make our work stand out. As Deputy News Editor, you would be a double threat: writing many of the important, and often research-driven posts readers have come to love Android Police for, as well as making sure that the news we do report is accurate and complete. We want someone who is, or can enthusiastically learn to be, an expert about Android, Google, and the larger mobile world.

Freelance writers: This is a freelance writing position. That means it is paid based upon the amount and quality of content you produce. Exact pay structure is something open to negotiation should we decide to proceed with you. We pay competitively and are willing to work with the right candidate to ensure you're being compensated fairly. Additionally, the right candidate with the right availability could make this a full-time position over time, and we're willing to be flexible for a committed candidate who wants to pursue that. We are open to hiring multiple candidates. Freelance writers are responsible for writing news, how-to guides, deals, and more.


Our requirements on these gigs are stricter than average, because we want candidates we feel can commit to really working the news beat consistently throughout the week. Here's what we need from you.

Deputy News Editor

  • Consistent availability 5 days a week for 8 hours per day during the US work day (between 9AM and 5PM in your time zone)
  • Experience of at least 1 year writing about technology for a web publication.
  • Ability to be a self-starter, take command of projects, difficult stories, and pursue leads and research without being asked.
  • Efficiency when both researching and writing stories - you need to be able to get content out quickly and completely, and learn fast.
  • A modern Android phone is absolutely mandatory - you have to know Android well, and without an Android phone, that's kind of hard to do. For this position, some hardware may be provided to you for research and reporting purposes.
  • A laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection because duh.

Freelance news writers

  • Consistent availability in US morning hours at least four days a week (~7-8AM Pacific until at least 12PM Pacific).
  • Experience writing short-form content on the web, whether for a media publication or a business.
  • Strong attention to detail - we require our writers to have impeccable English (typos or grammar issues in your application are almost always a guarantee of rejection).
  • A reasonably modern Android phone is absolutely mandatory - you have to know Android well, and without an Android phone, that's kind of hard to do.
  • A laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection because duh.

For all positions, someone who is proficient with WordPress would be strongly preferred, but it's not necessary (especially if you've used another web CMS in the past). We are seeking US and Canadian applicants both for their local knowledge (our audience is primarily American) and for time zone coordination. Candidates in the UK and Australia/NZ may be considered, but we're really only wanting North American candidates for now.


Submit your resume, the title of the the job you're applying for, and at least one writing sample (published work is always the best, but if you don't have any, write a fake news post) to [email protected] Please do not send an email asking what you need to send - a lack of reading comprehension doesn't make for a good first impression.