There are more than a few Pixel-style third-party launchers out there, but one of our favorites here at Android Police is Lawnchair. While it almost perfectly replicates all the base functionality you expect — including Google Discover integration, thanks to Lawnfeed — it also packs in some actually useful improvements, like a better At a Glance widget, extra gesture support, and more customization options. And after what seems like ages, the beta version of Lawnchair v2 is finally available on the Play Store, which means no more downloading almost daily alpha updates from APK Mirror (unless you really wanna).

Lawnchair brings that Pixel look to any phone's home screen, including Google Discover.

Lawnchair V2 updates the look of Lawnchair to match the more recent Pixel releases, more closely resembling the Android 9 and 10 style. Subtle details in the older version were more reminiscent of the OG Pixel and Android 7/8, which is way too dated for the internet's contemporary sensibilities. Lawnchair's version of the At a Glance widget also supports way more integrations for different event sources, so you can see things like incoming messages, email counts, currently playing music, and plenty of other useful details.

If you've already been using those alphas, we're told this release is basically identical to the alpha versions, but with the added convenience of Play Store-based updates. You will have to install Lawnfeed to bring back Discover if you move to the Play Store releases, though, as they can't have that functionality built-in on the Play Store-distributed version — long story.

To join the testing program for the Lawnchair v2 beta, you need to opt-in here, at which point an update to the latest beta release should be available to you via the app's listing soon. And if you've held off trying the alphas due to the inconvenience of updating them, boy are you in for a treat when you pull the new beta release down.

Lawnchair 2
Lawnchair 2
Developer: David Sn
Price: Free