If you fancy yourself a weather expert or you're obsessed about cloud patterns and movements or you simply enjoy earth's view from space and seeing how things evolve around this blue planet of ours, you can now do so from Google Earth. The app has added a new cloud animation layer that represents the last 24 hours of weather patterns across the globe.

The cloud data comes from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and is based on a 40MP image composited from seven satellites. Each hour a new image is sent to Google, which then compresses it, adds shadows, transparency, and creates a smooth video animation at a rate of one frame per second, where each frame corresponds to one hourly image. The video is then laid over Earth and Google says it'll only load the parts it needs as you zoom and move around the globe, thus speeding up the process.

Animated clouds were first implemented on the web in June, and they're just now making their way to the Android and iOS apps. To see them, you need to go to Map Style -> Turn on Animated Clouds, and enable that. Then go back to the app and zoom out to space to look at the earth.

You'll find the feature in Google Earth v9.2.53.6 (and possibly earlier versions when it was slowly rolling out). It's available on the Play Store and APK Mirror.

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Google Earth
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