One of the small but nifty additions of Android Pie was a little trick that helped you stop your phone from going to sleep by simply touching the fingerprint sensor. The gesture stopped working in Android Q during the beta stages and isn't there in the final 10 release. It also looks like Google won't be fixing this anytime soon.

On Pie, when your phone's display starts dimming, signaling it's about to go to sleep, you could simply put your finger on the sensor to wake it up. It was literally handy, especially with your index likely resting near that area, and you didn't need to lift your thumb and interact with the display to cancel the timeout. Now, on Q, you can tap that fingerprint sensor all you want, the phone will still go to sleep. The only way to stop it from doing so is to touch the display.

The bug was reported on the issue tracker and was assigned, so there was hope of it being fixed. However, Google now says the issue has been "deferred [...] for consideration in a future release." Read: We shouldn't hold our breaths. With rumors of the Pixel 4 possibly skipping on a fingerprint sensor altogether, it's likely that Google won't allocate resources to fixing small and superfluous features related to it.

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