The Pixel 4 is barely a mystery at this point, with renders having already surfaced, Google's own confirmation of the phone's face unlock and Motion Sense tech, live FCC listings, and plenty of other leaked details. What we haven't seen though, so far, are proper hands-on photos and videos. This is our first look at the real device.

Malaysian retailer Halo Mobile just shared a video on Facebook showing off the Pixel 4 (likely the XL variant) booting up then being spun around in all directions. There's nothing new to discover, but we have our confirmation of the top bezel and all the tech it houses, smaller bottom bezel, glass back, large square camera cluster on the back, volume and power buttons on the right side, SIM card slot on the left, microphone on top, and USB-C with dual speakers on the bottom.

With the move toward minimal bezels, the Pixel 4 may look like it bucks that trend, but I have to say I was never really annoyed by the design of my Pixel 2 XL and the 4 definitely looks sleeker and better. I'd rather have a full display with justified bezels and no cutouts than a round hole in the front of my phone. But that's just me.

If one Pixel 4 video isn't enough, here's a second one. This time, we get to see the white color with a brief glimpse at the orange power button. Also note the absence of Play Music from the pre-installed apps. Instead, we see YouTube Music.

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