Although the Galaxy Fold is finally set to be released in the coming weeks, the company is placing one last roadblock for those that pre-ordered the phone. Customers who have held onto their spot in the queue since orders were first opened are now losing their place in line, as pre-orders placed through Samsung's site are now being canceled. Those affected are getting a $250 credit for anything at Samsung's online storefront.

Initial reports didn't appear to indicate that all pre-orders were affected, but speaking to a Samsung representative, we were informed that all pre-orders placed through Samsung's website are being canceled. Some customers claim that Samsung support representatives have told them the phone will be exclusively sold via retail stores as part of the new "Galaxy Fold Premier Service," which sounds like it might be a way to hand-hold purchasers through learning how to not break the phone. In-store sales might also preclude using that $250 online credit on the Galaxy Fold.

At the time of writing, Samsung retail call centers are experiencing long wait times in excess of one hour. We spoke to a Samsung representative for a statement, but none was provided by the time of publication.

Customers with canceled orders are vocally upset about it, and the email being sent as notification doesn't contain too much information.

Although affected customers are being compensated with that promotional credit, they may also be losing their spot in the queue should they still want one of the folding phones. For a device with limited inventory, that could mean that some customers who were previously guaranteed a device through an early pre-order may miss out. Previously, Samsung required customers to explicitly opt-in to stay on the pre-order list, following the initial delays.