If I lived in the US, I'd definitely be broke now. Every day there's a new too-good-to-be-true deal that I wouldn't be able to pass up, just because I'd want to test the product and form my own opinion about it. Sure, that would mean spending hours setting up new gadgets, but that's also half the fun of buying something new. Today's deal on the first-gen Echo Show would be one of the hard ones to resist, as the smart speaker-slash-display is down to $50 on Woot for a new unit, not refurbished.

Amazon has already released a second-gen Show that invokes the 90s a little less in its design, as well as a smaller Echo Show 5, but the original Show isn't all that bad. It has a 7" display, an 8-microphone array to be able to hear you no matter how far your are in the house, and offers the same Alexa capabilities as its successors — music, smart home, video calling, questions, etc... It just looks a little ugly, but for the price, you can't really complain.

The Echo Show first launched for $230 and we've never seen new units go below $130. Even on Amazon right now, used units are available for $85. $50 for a new one beats those prices by a wide margin and can be a good way for you to test the waters with Alexa, smart displays, and smart speakers. It could also complement your current setup if you've already invested in the Amazon ecosystem. Or you could resell it and make a profit.

The deal is only valid on black units and will last for 13 more hours, as of the time of writing. But supplies may run out before, considering the price, so I'd act quickly if I were you.