Apple Music finally has a home on the web. The service launched more than four years ago and quickly became one of the top music streaming platforms, but until now, it's only been accessible through dedicated applications. Now, it's got a web interface that should work in any browser.

Subscribers can listen at The site, if you couldn't guess from the URL, is in beta access — but it's available to anyone with an active subscription. Apple says it's working in all browsers, according to The Verge. The site is missing a few bells and whistles users are accustomed to, like Beats 1 live broadcasts and smart playlists, but more features are in the works.

That's a web interface if I've ever seen one.

You can't currently sign up for the service from the site — that'll still require using an app — but once you're a member, you'll have access to your whole library right in your browser of choice, no downloads required. You can grab the app below to try the service out for free.

Apple Music
Apple Music
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