The final build of Android 10 has officially landed, but only on Pixel phones. Earlier this week, an Open Beta based on Android 10 made its way to the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, and now, OnePlus has confirmed the 6 and 6T will get the same treatment before the month is out.

This news comes by way of a OnePlus Community forum post about Open Betas 25 and 17 for the 6 and 6T, respectively. Those betas themselves are still Pie-based, but they "optimize the system performance and prepare for major upcoming updates" — specifically, an update to Android 10. Beta versions of Android 10 — then known as Android Q — had already been available for the 6 and 6T, but not through the OnePlus Open Beta program.

"This build is meant to prepare your devices for the Android 10 Update which will be released later this month," the post reads. That language is a little ambiguous, but phones enrolled in OnePlus's beta program only receive beta updates until they're unenrolled, and moving back to stable software would undo any optimizations Open Betas 25 and 17 bring — so it seems like the stable version is still a ways out. Still, OnePlus's betas are generally pretty solid. You can read more about the Open Beta program here.