We've come to high season for high-pressure presentations in cavernous venues for little pieces of circuitry encased in glass, metal, and plastic again. IFA 2019 is just about underway in Berlin and tech companies are on rehearsals looking for the right words, notes, camera shots, and switches to hit. Unfortunately for Sony, someone in the control room flipped the wrong switch and briefly revealed the existence of the company's next big smartphone, the Xperia 5.

Sony actually broadcast a portion of what looks to be a trial run of its keynote presentation — scheduled for noon CET tomorrow — earlier today on its Xperia Sony Europe YouTube channel. Unfortunately for the company, some viewers caught a bit of the show before it was shut down and wiped from history. A couple of them were even able to snap a shot of the big phone for tomorrow: the Xperia 5.

So, it seems like the Xperia 2 we thought was going to follow the Xperia 1 has flipped around and become a '5.' That makes sense. Totally.

For redundancy's sake (and for readers looking to come back to this article and Ctrl+F/Cmd+F a detail or two), the Xperia 5 is shown to have a 21:9 HDR-capable OLED display with Dolby Atmos sound. It will have DualShock 4 support for a richer haptics experience when used for PlayStation games. Pre-orders in Europe are expected to begin next week with deliveries coming in October.

Sony usually accompanies flagships with a mid-range release. It opted to go with the name of "Xperia 10" last time around. What number will come next? We'll have to find out for ourselves tomorrow.

More details

David Baptista da Silva has contributed a couple more details about the rehearsal as well as belief that eye-tracking autofocus will be carried forward from the Xperia 1 to the Xperia 5. Read more down in the comments.