A much-requested feature is hiding inside the Android 10 update for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Starting with Developer Preview 5, the 7 Pro picked up the ability to capture video with all three cameras, including the wide-angle and telephoto. In fact, several of the camera modes now work with more of the device's cameras.

OnePlus has been teasing the idea of wide-angle video for quite a while, following user feedback shortly after 7 Pro's launch. The company previously expressed that the feature was under active development, and based on its inclusion in recent Android Q/10 tests, we expect it to land as part of the official Android 10 stable update. Telephoto video wasn't as popular a request, but it's also included.


OnePlus camera app in the video section on Android 9 Pie (left) and Android 10 (right). Note the extra icons to the left and right of the "1x" circle, denoting other cameras. 

As you can see above, all three cameras are now visible as options in the Video tab of the OnePlus camera app, just as they are in the Photo mode. The only real drawback that we know of when it comes to these extra camera modes is a 30fps limit for recordings.

More camera options have also been added for the Portrait and Nightscape modes (pictured below), showing a wide-angle option in Nightscape, and a new zoomed-in mode for Portraits. Previously, none of them offered options for other cameras at all. The "Depth effect" overlay and low-light warning in Portrait mode have been relocated to accommodate the extra toggle.


Portrait and Nightscape modes between versions. 

The "Super Steady" option for video recordings (accessible via the hand icon at the top right in Video mode) has also been improved. Previously, it didn't actually do too much to stabilize or enhance recorded video, but those using the setting on Android 10 report a substantial difference in performance.

Unfortunately, sideloading the updated OnePlus Camera APKs from the Android 10 Developer Preview/Open Beta doesn't seem to bring these enhancements to devices running Pie. It could be they require other system changes like updated camera binaries to work. If you would like to try out these latest camera features, you'll have to move over to the Android 10 Open Beta to check it out. That, or patiently wait for Android 10 to land in Stable for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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