In its usual fashion, Google has unveiled the statue that commemorates Android 10's release. Now that the sweet, dessert-themed names have been dropped, what do we have left to draw upon for statue-inspiring art? According to Google, a disembodied Android head and the number "10," pretty much what we were promised.

Google VP of Engineering for Android David Burke tweeted out a close-up photo of the new Android 10 statue amid the company's traditional release-day celebration. Physically, the new statue sets the Android 10 numerals on a blue pedestal, with the severed head of our long-time acquaintance, the bugdroid, entrapped by the final "0." As I write, Googlers are likely signing those plain white numerals, ignoring the silent plight of our off-green, beheaded friend.

Google's statues have been on a steady downward "fun" trajectory in recent years. Android 9 Pie was literally just a bugdroid standing next to some pie, Though the statue for O was at least a little creative. The distant but fun era of the Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich statues is now long gone.

Well, there's the Android 10 statue, just as straightforward as the software platform's new name — though we all know what the statue really should have been.