Earlier this year, Sony announced that all its consumer electronics divisions would be merged, following years of decline in the company's mobile sector. Merges inevitably mean job losses, and in addition to cutting around 2,000 employees, Sony is also making plans to shut down the Sweden-based Sony Mobile Communications AB.

Sony's mobile division currently has two main offices - Sony Mobile Communications Inc. in Japan, and Sony Mobile Communications AB in Sweden. According to local media, 60 more positions are expected to be cut in the Sweden office, on top of the 200 employees already let go. Some workers will be offered positions at Sony Nordic, the company's general European branch.

Sony's office in Lund, Sweden is a significant part of its legacy. The location was formerly the main headquarters for Ericsson Mobile Communications, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony in early 2012. It's unfortunate that the offices will finally be shuttered, and it's even more unfortunate that many employees will lose their jobs. Here's hoping the affected workers can find good positions at a company that isn't crashing and burning.