The Galaxy Fold is almost here—for real this time. Samsung delayed plans to launch the first true foldable phone earlier this year following a spate of defects in early review units. Now, the phone is almost ready for sale, and you can register your interest in the US and UK.

If you head over to the Samsung US or UK sites today, you'll be able to register your interest in the Fold. This does not guarantee that you'll get one, but Samsung says the phone is "in high demand." We'll take your word on that, Samsung. Pre-registering for some Samsung phones (like the Note 10) has entitled customers to extra discounts, so there's no harm in getting on the list if you really want this device.

Samsung says it improved the screen protector and hinge since the last round of Galaxy Fold units. Ideally, this will prevent dust infiltration and ensure users don't accidentally remove the top screen layer thinking it's a screen protector. The price remains unchanged at $1,980.