There are quite a few manufacturers that have been releasing Android Q betas for their devices, and OnePlus is one of them. The company has just released its fifth developer preview, based on Google's Android Q Beta 6, for the 7 and 7 Pro.

New Changes

  • System functions improvement
  • System stability improvement
  • Added the OnePlus full-screen gestures
  • Based on Google Android 10 Beta6
  • For DP4 users, you can upgrade via online OTA
  • From DP5, you can upgrade system via OTA to Open Beta

Known Issues:

  • Application compatibility problems
  • Compatibility issues with Google Pay
  • Low probability of system lag and stability issues

The changelog is pretty vague for the most part, with the only legitimate mention being OP's own full-screen gestures. Otherwise, it pretty much says that Google's Beta 6 changes are included, as well as some system improvements. There are some known issues, including compatibility problems with some apps and Google Pay.

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pros currently on the fourth developer preview can update via OTA, but you can also find the full downloads at the source link below.