Huawei is forging onward with its next phone launch, with or without Google support. Huawei has announced on Twitter that it will unveil the Mate 30 on September 19th in Munich. The announcement also makes some "circular" promises.

Huawei is still stuck in limbo with the US government's export ban—it's just into a second 90-day reprieve. While US firms can continue current technology export arrangements with Huawei, they can't spin up any new deals. Thus, Google can't certify new Android phones. That seems to suggest the Mate 30 will launch without Google apps.

The announcement doesn't tell us much, and it certainly doesn't address the possibility of a Google-free phone. The talk about "going full circle" and the round shape in the video probably refer to the cameras. Leaks have shown a large, round camera module on the back of the phone.