Noted leaker Roland Quandt published a series of photos over at WinFuture today, showing off a refresh of the Huawei Watch GT — alleged to go by the immensely creative name "Huawei Watch GT 2." The design is strikingly reminiscent of the original, though it appears to have smaller bezels, a slightly bigger display, slimmer design, a larger battery, and both an integrated speaker and microphone. It also won't be running Android Wear, like the previous model.

The reduced bezels and increased screen size aren't certainties, but based on a visual comparison made by Quandt with the previous model, though bump in battery capacity to 445mAh is clearly specified. As before, it will connect via Bluetooth to your phone, though it isn't clear if there will be LTE available. It also has integrated GPS for location tracking and a similar optical heart rate monitor to its forebear.

Models will vary between "Sport" versions with plastic or rubber straps, and a "Classic" version using a leather strap. The new watch may be revealed at the upcoming IFA exhibition in Berlin, or it could be announced at the same time as the anticipated Mate 30.