The Galaxy Fold is on the verge of shipping—for real this time. Samsung spent several months addressing the issues that popped up during the early review program, but the phone will still set you back almost $2,000. That is, of course, not an amount of money most people are willing to pay for a phone right now. Of course, we thought that about $1,000 phones not that long ago. Still, Samsung is reportedly working on a cheaper variant of the Fold.

According to SamMobile, Samsung's upcoming cheaper folding phone has the model number SM-F700F. The existing Galaxy Fold is SM-F900F, which suggests the two devices will share a lot of features. The only detail SamMobile got from its source is that the new Fold will have 256GB of storage, half as much as the expensive Fold.

With a $2,000 price tag for the "premium" Fold, a budget model could still be very spendy. Although, Samsung's non-folding phones are already getting up there in price. The Galaxy Note 10+ starts at $1,100, and you're north of $1,300 if you want the 5G version. Maybe Samsung will actually get some traction if it can knock a few hundred off the Fold's price. Of course, that assumes it won't break after a day of use. Fingers crossed.