Browsing the Play Store is going to be just a hair more annoying in the coming weeks. According to a Play Console Help page, videos in app listings will start playing automatically beginning next month. Videos with ads before them won't be allowed; developers have until November to address that requirement.

Videos in Play Store listings are pulled from YouTube; monetized videos show ads in store listings just as they would anywhere else. Google says an ad for something other than the app a user is looking at playing automatically could be confusing, so starting November 1, it won't allow monetized videos on the Play Store. Developers are advised to either turn monetization off or upload another version of the video they want to use, without ads.

Auto-playing videos are annoying, but they're certainly harder to ignore than a static thumbnail. It's a safe assumption that, like YouTube's similar feature, the videos will play silently, but it's unclear whether users will be able to opt out entirely.