BitTorrent has been the go-to distribution platform for file sharing long before Android even existed. The company based in San Francisco first published its app to Google's platform back in 2012, and has since improved and iterated on it. With Android 10's upcoming dark theme and the app's age starting to show, BitTorrent decided it was time for another redesign with version 6.0.8, released on Thursday. It has a dark mode, a bottom navigation bar, and looks and feels much more modern.

The old, dated version (left) next to the redesigned interface (middle & right).

The update rethinks the app's navigation from the ground up. The bottom bar divides it into four sections: Torrents, Videos, Music, and Connection, which lets you remote into your home computer's torrents. The first three sections help you keep your files orderly – while all data will show up in Torrents, audio and video files have their additional, separate space. The app loses the three-dot menu on the top right altogether, moving settings and further options to the sidebar instead. In there, you can also find a Discover area that shows you trending torrents, albeit navigating this section is a bit tough – using the back button will exit the app and won't bring you back to the previous screen.

If other developers could be as prepared for Android 10's dark mode as BitTorrent, I would be so happy.

Dark mode works as expected on Android 9 and 10. When you turn on the system-wide theme, the app automatically drops its white coat to reveal an almost fully black interface with only the bottom bar bearing a dark gray. Older Android versions are left in the cold for now – there's no manual toggle for the theme.

* Re-imagined design and navigation to improve usability and help you torrent, download, and watch your favorite videos
* New dark mode theme on supported platforms
* New tab bar for easy access to your torrents, videos, music, and remote connections
* New video tab displays your downloaded videos so you can easily find your favorites
* New music tab displays all your music by song, artist, or album
* We fixed bugs and made significant stability improvements

You can download the new version over at APK Mirror right away or see if it's available to you on the Play Store already.