Telltale Games was a widely successful studio, but in the midst of bad management decisions, it had to close its doors in September last year, taking down many of its critically acclaimed games along the way. It looks like the dead don't die, though. Alongside a relaunch of Telltale Games' website, a holding company called LCG Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it purchased the shattered ruins of the studio. It intends to re-release select games and develop new titles, continuing some of the brand's franchises.

The holding company purchased all assets from Telltale Games and is already in the process of hiring back talent that was previously employed at the bankrupt studio. The operations are led by industry veterans Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle who have relocated the company's headquarters to Malibu. There is no word on which title exactly the corporation plans to re-release – news regarding this "will be announced in the coming weeks."

Telltale Games was originally founded in 2004 and quickly grew into the go-to studio for games driven by episodic storytelling. Towards the end of its operations, it partnered up with major franchises like Game of Thrones, Batman, Mr. Robot, and Marvel.