Apps for Google Drive and add-ons for Google Docs app suite are getting a new home. Formerly found in the Chrome Web Store, they'll soon be available from the G Suite Marketplace, a thing you probably didn't know existed until now.

The G Suite Marketplace has actually been around for almost a decade, and is home to apps made for business and productivity. Considering its purpose, add-ons that augment the functionality of utilities like Drive and Docs will fit right in. All Drive add-ons and Docs suite apps will be moved over "the coming weeks." The Add-ons option in your Docs toolbar will also lead to a new G Suite-branded pop-up.

So what does this mean for you? Chances are, not a whole lot. Most apps you've already added from the Chrome Web Store will continue to work the way they always have. If you used an app to create a template and its creator doesn't migrate the app to the Marketplace, though, the template won't work until they do. If you've developed an app that's affected by this change, you have until September 9 to list it on the G Suite Marketplace.