Android 10 isn't just the first Android iteration to bear a two-digit version number, it's also the first (since 1.0 and 1.1) that doesn't come with an official dessert name attached to it. With the upcoming OS, Google has decided to only rely on numbers to reduce potential confusion due to users with different cultural backgrounds all around the world. That doesn't mean the company doesn't have a sweet name up its sleeve, though. During an All About Android podcast, two Googlers revealed that they would've called Android 10 Queen Cake externally and are calling it Quince Tart internally – with the former already leaked to the public before.

In the podcast, VP of Android engineering Dave Burke and software engineer Dan Sandler talk about the Android brand and how it didn't come about with a "huge amount of thought" – instead, they just created it with "the minimum they could to get started." Until now, branding has only ever been an afterthought, so with Android 10, the team decided to start afresh with a new logo while omitting the US-centric dessert names.

In fact, we've heard of Queen Cake before – our own David Ruddock reported it as the internal name. You can color us surprised when we learned that Queen Cake would've actually been the official name, so Quince Tart is the one that's new to us. Either way, both are rather unknown sweets even in the US.

While it's a bummer that we can't look forward to interesting names for Android anymore, cutting the tradition off with version 10 is a good move. Further down the alphabet, Google would've inevitably run into issues, and rethinking the convention with a milestone number is better than just letting it trail off with some Android 17, lacking a fitting dessert name for it.