Most smartwatch makers that arent' Apple are shooting for the $200-300 price bracket, but Garmin occupies a very specific niche. Its Fēnix smartwatches are more expensive and aimed squarely at outdoor enthusiasts. The company just announced a new generation of the sport-oriented watches: the Fēnix 6-series. They have larger 1.3-1.4-inch displays, enhanced run tracking, and even an optional solar panel.

Garmin's Fēnix 6 lineup is a bit convoluted, but the gist is that there are three sizes: the Fēnix 6S (42mm), Fēnix 6 (47mm), and Fēnix 6X (51mm). The Fēnix 6X is the watch Garmin is most anxious to show off. This device starts at $750, but you can add a solar charging display for another $400. The integrated lens under the screen trickle charges your battery, adding another three days of usage to the already impressive 21-day life. The smaller the Fēnix 6 and 6S don't have solar power options, and they start at $600. You can add Wi-Fi and music storage (standard on the 6X) for extra cash, and there's a sapphire screen upgrade.

The watches can track heart rate (obviously), but there's also support for blood oxygen monitoring. There's also NFC for mobile payments. These watches come with Garmin's new PacePro feature, which offers continuous pace suggestions during a run. You can create running plans from the watch or with Garmin Connect, and the watch helps you stick to those plans. There are also pre-loaded topographic maps of popular outdoor spaces, ski resorts, and golf courses. You can order all new Fēnix 6-series watches today, and they'll ship in 1-3 business days.

Press Release

Garmin® announces the fēnix® 6 series

Multisport GPS watch series introduces larger displays, innovative performance features, longer battery life and Garmin’s first solar watch