Screen sharing is very popular in conference calls, as everybody can look at the same presentation at once. Although less common, there are times when you'd like to do the same in a private setting, whether it's to help with an issue, show your friends what you're about to buy, or even watch content together. The latter is already possible on Facebook thanks to Live Chat, and the company will soon extend the sharing feature to the entire screen.

While fiddling with the app's code, Jane Manchun Wong uncovered the yet to be released feature. The latter is still in development, but she's been able to get a good grasp of what's potentially coming soon. The functionality, called Share Your Screen Together, can be launched by tapping a new icon at the bottom of the screen. When activated, it will warn the user Messenger will capture everything displayed on the screen, and will also need Android permissions to function. Lastly, unlike other apps, sharing your screen will turn off the camera, so you won't be able to see a picture-in-picture image of the person you're talking to.

I'm excited Messenger is adding this feature, as most people already have the app on the phone and won't need to install yet another one to share their screen. I hope Facebook will make it available to desktop users as well to ensure full consistency.

This report comes a few months after Skype added support for mobile screen sharing, showing a growing interest in the feature. Surprisingly, Duo still doesn't have it, as the functionality was taken down earlier this month, after being initially released in May.