Google announced the Nest Hub Max several months ago, promising the new smart display would be able to recognize users' faces. Well, the necessary pieces are already in Assistant, although the Hub Max is nowhere to be seen. Hopefully, that means the Nest Hub Max won't be far behind.

You might see the "Face Match" menu in your settings right now—just check the Assistant tab to see if it's nestled between Voice Match and Home Control. You can tap the menu item to get a description of the functionality, and there's an animation with what appears to be a Hub Max.


If you attempt to set up Face Match, the standard Google Home "searching" screen comes up. Naturally, you won't have a compatible device (the Nest Hub Max) on your network yet. So, the search fails. We can only speculate without the device to test, but presumably, the app will have you stare at the camera so the Hub can learn your face. Google's support pages previously listed September 9th as the Hub Max launch date, but that was later removed. Maybe that day will end up being legit.

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