No one in the world likes spam phone calls—it's probably the only thing on which everyone can agree. The FCC recently allowed carriers to block these calls by default, and Verizon says it's moving full-steam ahead to take advantage of that. Starting today, it will begin auto-enrolling customers in free spam blocking.

The service will come to post-paid Android users first, and you can manage the feature through the Verizon Call Filter app. iOS users who want the feature have to install that app and opt-in. Once enabled, known scam numbers will go straight to voicemail. Simply blocking them might be better, but most fraudsters won't leave a message anyway. Numbers associated with spam calls will show up as "Potential Spam" on the screen, allowing you to reject manually.

Verizon says Samsung phones (back through the S8 generation) will be enrolled first, and additional phones will come in waves. The list of supported devices is extensive including the Moto Z series, LG G and V phones, Palm Phone, and more. You can grab the Call Filter app below to get started.

Verizon Call Filter
Verizon Call Filter
Developer: Verizon - VZ
Price: Free