There's no shortage of mid-range phones with multi-day batteries in these times. If you want a 4,000mAh phone for a couple hundred bucks, you've got it. A 5,000mAh brick for even less? Cheers. A 6,000mAh device? You'll either have to wait to spend beaucoup bucks on the Asus ROG Phone II or, perhaps better yet, you should move to India: there have been some signals that Samsung is ready to ride that power pack with a new Galaxy M series phone.

Indian tech YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary tweeted out what he purports to be some art from Samsung he just found. The number 6000 (with the zeroes depicted as playback buttons) features prominently above a tagline, "Get ready to #GoMonster" — that highlighted 'M' might be the giveaway for another Galaxy M launch.

Samsung India, which was tagged in the post, did not issue a reply.

SamMobile points out the future existence of a Galaxy M20s or Galaxy M30s, the latter being more likely, taking on this 6,000mAh battery. These would follow the Galaxy M20 (pictured as our header) and M30 which both went to market earlier this year with 5,000mAh batteries. No event dates for any new Galaxy M's have been marked down just yet.

Of course, no one holds a candle to Chinese OEM OUKITEL with its 6,000mAh, 8,000mAh, and 10,000mAh phones, but hey, maybe you'll enjoy using a Samsung better.