Phones with high refresh rate displays (90Hz, 120Hz, etc.) are still relatively uncommon, but phone makers have been working with developers to make sure the screens are taken full advantage of in popular games. Pokémon Go is one title that works at high refresh rates, enabling silky-smooth gameplay... until now, anyway.

Many Pokémon Go players have reported that the latest update has broken compatibility with high refresh rate phones, dropping the game back to regular 30FPS. Most of the posts are coming from OnePlus 7 Pro owners, but the 120Hz Razer Phone is also affected, and presumably any other high refresh rate phones. Our own Ryne Hager tested it on his OP7 Pro, and he claims it "looks like butt."

Pokémon GO 0.153.0 blocked 90Hz/120Hz and uncapped FPS from pokemongo

Pokemon go latest update broke 90hz on OP7 Pro from oneplus

The bug seems to have been introduced in version 0.153.0, as downgrading to v0.151.0 restores all functionality. You can download v0.151.0 from APKMirror, but older versions of Pokémon Go eventually stop working, so that's only a temporary fix.

Niantic, developers of Pokémon Go, have yet to confirm if this is a bug or if the high refresh rate mode was intentionally removed. We've reached out to the company, and we will update this post once we get a response.

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