Early this year, DontKillMyApp.com started shaming Android OEMs who were killing background processes left and right on their devices, regardless of how useful or not that strategy was. At the time, Nokia phones were the top offenders due to their "Evenwell" solution packages. Now, several months later, Nokia dropped to the third position after Huawei and Samsung, and it turns out that is due to a change of tactics and a reliance on Android Pie's Adaptive Battery instead.

Writing on the Nokia community forums, an HMD employee explained that Evenwell was the company's choice when it came to battery management on Android Nougat and Oreo. However, when Google introduced the AI-powered Adaptive Battery with Pie, the need for a separate solution was gone.

So HMD began disabling Evenwell on some devices when it updated them to Pie and looked out for user feedback. It seems that the tests were positive because Evenwell has now been disabled on all legacy devices that received Pie. Even if it's installed, it won't do a thing. And HMD's newer phones don't ship with the software to begin with — I looked for signs of it on both the new Nokia 2.2 and 3.2 and didn't find it.

This is one more check in favor of HMD and its approach to Android. The company continues to listen to user feedback and implements the appropriate changes to keep everyone happy.