Google's Nest Hello video doorbell is an excellent product, recent LED drama notwithstanding. It's easy to install, works with most homes, and integrates well with other Google Nest devices. Google says owners have been asking for package detection functionality, and now it's obliging. Package detection is rolling out this very day.

The feature leverages fancy machine learning technology to determine when someone approaches your door with a package. The camera will be able to alert you to packages in the same way it notifies you when it sees people. Other Nest cameras won't have package detection, which is a bummer. It could be useful for devices like the Cam IQ Outdoor that might be pointed at your front door.

Nest says the feature will roll out today, and it will be enabled by default. The Nest app will pop up a details page about package detection the next time you open it. That gives everyone the chance to disable package detection if they don't want it. There is a catch for those of you outside the US—you don't get package detection. I'm sure you're all very surprised.