If you're still lamenting the loss of the original Google Now, this news won't help with anything but twist the knife in the wound a little further. The new Discover feed, after adding regular news articles, doodles, and even ads, is now surfacing restaurant recommendations among the different cards.

From what we can tell, the cards started showing up today under the title Inspiration for your next meal out. You can scroll through different recommendations (five or more) and tap the one that sparks your interest. This will open the Google listing for that restaurant in a Chrome Custom Tab.

The recommendations I got were all quite mediocre compared to all the more interesting eateries around me that I haven't yet been to. It's also annoying to see the web listing open up instead of it loading in Google Maps.

Thankfully, if this isn't something you'd like to see in Discover, you can always disable it by tapping the overflow button on top of the card then choosing Not interested in Restaurants.

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Google: Here is some restaurant inspiration in your Discover feed

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