Earlier this year, Amazon-owned IMDb launched a new streaming service that was (for some reason) called Freedive originally. It's since had its name changed to the more practical IMDb TV, and as of today, it's available as part of the pre-existing IMDb mobile app.

An update to the Android (and iOS, if you're into that type of thing) app will start rolling out today that brings with it the ability to stream movies and TV shows for free. The ad-supported service has a growing catalog of content thanks to recent deals with MGM, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros.

IMDb TV was previously available on Amazon Fire TV devices, but it will hope to attract a much bigger audience now it can easily be viewed on phones and tablets. It's a move that adds yet another serious contender to the increasingly crowded streaming market. But hey, while it may be difficult to gain a foothold for services like these, more competition is always good for us consumers. IMDb is now a great mobile option for those who'd rather not pay directly for their video content.